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Winner of a Gold Star Award from BBB Serving Central East Texas 2012
Welcome to Texas Financial and Retirement

Serving all of Texas

James R. Holloway, owner of Texas Financial and Retirement, is known throughout the East Texas area for helping provide peace of mind and financially secure futures for his clients.

Texas Financial Retirement takes a comprehensive approach to helping protect and preserve your lifesavings, working closely with you to set your retirement goals, ensuring you will maintain the samequality of life - or better - during your retirement as you are today! 

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Ourknowledge in tax planning, wealth accumulation, long-term care planning, life insurance, asset protection, and estate planning will help provide the diversity you need to realize the retirement of your dreams and to help take away any worry of ever outliving your money.

At Texas Financial Retirement, we make a solid commitment to our clients and to building lasting relationships with them.  As part of our dedication to this principle, we offer Senior Financial Workshops throughout the year to keep our clients informed and educated on important changes and developments that could affect your finances.  Check our Upcoming Events page to see the latest Senior Financial Workshops.

So whether you need to update your portfolio to accommodate for recent market conditions, or if you are developing a financial plan for the first time, Texas Financial Retirement is here to help.  Give us a call at 1-(903)-534-5477 today to set-up a time to discuss your retirement future.